From Peaceful Meditation to Emotional Nostalgia –

After the intermission, exuberant Russian cellist Tatjana Vassiljeva joined the Sinfonietta for Dvorák’s Cello Concerto, a standard repertoire for every cellist. Looking feminine, Ms. Vassiljeva was actually very masculine when she put her bow on the strings. In contrast to the orchestra’s soft-edged interpretation, her playing was a real ‘Grandioso’. The florescent tone and steely power was exactly what Dvorák needs, nonetheless, it was never brash and impudent.

Despite of possessing a projecting tone, Ms. Vassiljeva was very aware of her collaboration and balance with the orchestra, a crucial element for this symphony-like concerto. When she was playing some accompanying figures, her voice was so tender and gentle that it never overshadowed the orchestral melodies. Her affectionate expressivity was also tellingly exemplified in the slow movement, in which the rapt dialogues between the solo and the orchestra were lucidly brought to the surface. Her crisp articulation and teeming energy transformed the last movement into a Slavonic dance. The fervent climax at the end electrified the nerves of every attendee, whose fiery emotions could not be cooled down without an encore. Ms. Vassiljeva generously delivered two movements from J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites, a cycle she recently recorded with Mirare. Tatjana Vassiljeva is definitely a cellist to watch.

Danny Kim-Nam Hui –


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