Chopin, Alkan Review – Pianiste

Regular partners on the concert platform since 2007, Tatjana Vassiljeva and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger have issued their first disc together, uniting Chopin and Alkan, both of whom shared a common admiration for the cellist [Auguste-]Josephe Franchomme, who premiered both sonatas on this CD.

Alkan does not give the performers of his music an easy time and the two partners convince not only with their physical commitment, because because the pitfalls are plentiful in this formidable score (especially the Finale alla Saltarella) but also by the attention to and respect of the nuances of the music and the balance between the instruments.
Dark, luminous, with supernatural overtones, the Adagio reaches a mystical density, while the Allegrettino is adorned with a Fauréenne sensuality.

Of lesser [musical] interest, the Chopin Sonata confirms the quality of playing and collusion between the two artists.


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